Inner Work

Everyone is entitled to joy, happiness, success, a great work and home life as well as fabulous relationships.

Empowering Vision offers a variety of workshops, courses, programs and diagnostic items to help speed you on your journey to fulfilment and success:

Coaching / Counselling Tools Workshops
Emotional Blocks and Trauma Clearing Transformation/ Life Change –
Health, Wealth and Happiness
Human Design System –
Identifying your uniqueness, talents, and connection to life and the universe

Full analysis reading as well as additional coaching sessions

Human Design - Beginners Workshop

"Live Life through Human Design" 

NLP® - Neuro-Linguistic Programming Human Design - Intermediate workshop
Hypnotherapy – Time Line Therapy Human Design – Advanced workshop

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Personal Coaching for Change and Empowerment

Where the focus is on you and your needs to empower, inspire and motivate you to change your life for the better.
Using NLP, Hypnotherapy and other techniques to release unresolved emotions and clear limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Cost $125 for 1 hr individual session or reduced rate for block bookings of 3 or 5 sessions.
Sessions can be in English or Auslan where no interpreter is required

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Human Design Workshops

Human Design is an amazing system that will transform your life.

The Human Design System is the most precise tool of consciousness available on the planet right now.
It shows you not just WHO you are here to become, but HOW.

It provides huge insights into your own unique nature: your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts.

No prior knowledge of Human Design required for
"Live LIfe Through Human Design" workshop

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Emotional Blocks and Trauma Clearing

This incredible shamanic technique works without disclosing or reliving traumatic experiences.

It effectively and efficiently releases you from those repeated thoughts and limiting beliefs, which then clears the emotional blockages that have been holding you back from being the amazing you.

This technique uses the minds natural deleting process to disconnect bad feelings created by repeated thoughts about unwanted memories. It is used effectively with ancestral and genetic trauma, (PTS) post-traumatic stress, anxiety and mental health issues.

Cost $175 Initial 1-2 hour session

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