Before I settled in Melbourne Australia, I was part of the pioneering team implementing competency-based training and assessment.  As well as reaching the peak within my industry as a learning advisor, trainer and assessor and also a business owner.

Arriving in early 1999 I welcomed in the new millennium with certification as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a toolbox full of other effective methods and coaching techniques.

I have worked in a wide range of industries, facilitating leadership and graduate development programs, train the trainer and workplace coaching, negotiation skills and facilitating cultural diversity and performance management skills. My work with personal clients covers just about everything from health and wellness, addiction, motivation, career, relationships, self-awareness, to realign with your true self and life purpose.

I have also spent six years living and working abroad in developing countries, which has created a uniquely inclusive cultural perspective, strengthening my  my ability to really connect with others.

The focus of my business now is mainly Human Design.  I also use an amazing shamanic clearing technique to clear emotional blockages, trauma and decondition the not-self triggers.  It works without disclosing or re-living traumatic experiences and it releases you from repeated thought patterns and limiting beliefs

I began my Human Design journey in 2005 when I was invited by a close friend to have my chart analysed and it blew me away!  I was drawn into this amazing system that gives you a 4th dimensional perspective on who you are, what you’re here to learn, what your purpose is and how to live it.

My energy type is a Projector and knowing this has been the biggest impact on my life.  Human Design has given me the confidence to just be me, the relief that there’s nothing wrong with me, this is who I am, don’t need to make excuses, don’t need to fit in and be like others – I am different and it ok.



What makes Alison different from other Human Design Analysts & Coaches?

Besides my varied experience, extensive skills and knowledge,  I bring a dynamic energy to Human Design, learning and change, which is inspiring and motivating.

I am laser focused on delivering what you need and want to make a difference to your life in an effective and sustainable way.  Enabling you to connect with who you really are and empowering you to live life in your natural flow.


‘Change is just about you, you can't change other people. It’s about being human. It’s about having the awareness, the tools and skills to think better and make better choices.  Having the ability to connect to your inner essence and be in your natural flow is what it is all about.'

My success is measured by seeing your life’s passion reignited, your realisation that there is nothing wrong with you.

An air of satisfaction and peace settle over your life as you begin to navigate by making decisions that are correct for you, rather than what everyone else thinks you should do.