How will Human Design Help me?

Human Design sees you; It knows you

It’s like a blanket of reassurance that says:
"We’ve got you, there’s nothing wrong with you, this is just the way you work, you’re not meant to be the same as everyone else and you have always known that and its ok"


Human Design is about the mechanics,
its the genetic code of how you function optimally in this body/ vehicle for this lifetime.

Human Design shows you not just WHO you are here to become, but HOW.

It provides huge insights into your own unique nature:
your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations
as well as your talents, strengths and gifts

Making decisions that are correct for you allows you to connect with your inner essence and live life in your natural flow

Do you wonder what life is all about?

Are you searching for answers about why you feel empty inside, or that something is missing even though it looks like you have everything?

Would you like to know your life's purpose?

Are you on your souls journey and searching for your purpose in life.  Human Design identifies who you truly are, your natural talents, your decision-making process and your innate purpose.

Human Design can give you the answers

Human Design uses your birth data and combines it with Eastern and Western Astrology, Kabala, I’Ching, Chakras, Biochemistry, Genetics and Quantum Physics to produce a BodyGraph™

It starts with your Human Design Chart

What Your BodyGraph™ Reveals:

  • Who you are naturally and how to be yourself,
  • How to navigate successfully through a constantly changing world.
  • How you are designed to make the correct decisions for yourself.
  • How you connect with others and how they influence you.
  • What your strengths are, your natural talents as well as your challenges.
  • What your life’s purpose is.
  • How to create the best environment for children so that they are empowered to be their unique selves, how they learn and develop as individual human beings
The Rave BodyGraph™, the Rave Mandala™ and associated images are registered Trademarks of Jovian Archive Corporation.

Alison Compton - Accredited Human Design Analyst

I have been fascinated in discovering who I am and what makes me tick, which has been an ongoing learning for most of my life.

Human Design is the only system I know that has opened all the doors while providing strategies which enable you to live in the real world as your unique self.

I was introduced to Human Design in 2005 through an analyst reading and was blown away by the accuracy. How could someone I had never met, know so much about me? This person understands who I am and has brought me comfort with the realisation that this is who I am born to be and that’s ok.

The more I learn and use Human Design, the more amazed and fascinated I become.  As a natural guide (Projector), I invite you to contact me so you can truly start to live your own natural uniqueness.

Getting Started

The Human Design journey starts with:

  • Producing a BodyGraph by completing the form below and submitting your birth information
  • I will get back to you with a copy of your chart and a copy of my eBook - An introduction to the Human Design
  • We can then schedule a Foundation Analysis Reading.  Which is a full immersion into the Human Design experience.  

I will analyse your BodyGraph and translate its meaning into real insights about you, Your aura energies and how you interact with the world around you. your own unique nature: your health, vulnerabilities and limitations, as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts, everything you have ever wanted to know

I will also have time to answer any of your questions and provide actionable advice.  All this will be recorded.

We will also schedule a follow up call to answer any further questions, once you have allowed the information to start to resonate

The Foundation Analysis Reading is by far the best value and quickest path to the truths associated with your life and well worth the investment.  This is a once-only task that is the source of all of the wisdom contained in the information and circumstances surrounding your world.

Combined your Foundation Reading with further coaching sessions, to create a structured plan to help you improve your life immediately and continue growing and flourishing you start to live live in your natural flow.

Advanced readings will build on your analysis. 

  • Solar Return is a Birthday Analysis reading of what each year has in store for you,
  • Life’s Purpose reading a more in-depth look at what your ultimate life purpose through the incarnation cross.  
  • Partnership/ Relationship reading lets you discover your join focus and passion and pressure points of how you work well together.

Introductory Human Design Sessions

Live Life Through Human Design 2 Day Workshop
Live Life Through Human Design 2 Day Workshop

This in-person immersive workshop will lead you down an incredible path of self-discovery and start building your knowledge in Human Design. Human Design is an amazing system that will transform your life. It’s your personal instruction book of life. In … Read More

$250.00 Add to cart
Human Design Foundation Analysis Reading
Human Design Foundation Analysis Reading

$262.00 Add to cart
Human Design Children’s Reading
Human Design Children’s Reading

The art and science of Human Design is a game-changing approach to personal development. Let Alison Compton, certified Human Design Analyst, take you on a journey of self-discovery to unearth your potential and your life’s true purpose. Imagine getting an … Read More

$55.00 Add to cart

Advanced Human Design Sessions

Life Cycle Analysis Reading
Life Cycle Analysis Reading

As the planets cycle through your Human Design chart there are major milestones for key planets that have Life Changing Impacts. These birthdays are major milestones that bring specific challenges and sometimes dramatic changes. Saturn return approx. 28 years of … Read More

$175.00 Add to cart
Solar Return Analysis Reading
Solar Return Analysis Reading

Each year there are new challenges, experiences and themes for the year. A solar return shows the weather for the year ahead and where you are being challenged to grow and expand both your awareness and your intelligence. Are you … Read More

$100.00 Add to cart

Start your journey of self discovery now!

I would Love to Share this amazing system with you, and uncover what your Unique BodyGraph reveals!

All I need are your birth details to get the process started.

I invite you to please fill in the required details and click the submit button.

I will get back to you as soon as possible with a copy of your BodyGraph and a copy of my eBook an introduction to the Human Design Types.

We can then schedule a face to face or virtual session that’s all about you.

Note: if you are unsure of your birth time, put a note in 'Anything you'd like to ask' and I will include information on how to muscle test to get as close as possible to the correct time.

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