Advanced Human Design Sessions


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The art and science of Human Design is a game-changing approach to personal development.

Let Alison Compton, certified Human Design Analyst, take you on a journey of self-discovery to unearth your potential and your life’s true purpose.

These sessions are designed for further discovery and a more detailed exploration of your design.

You can delve a little deeper, look at ways to deal with the ‘Not-self’ or tweak your goals and activities as life unfolds.

Note: You will need to have previously had a foundation reading as this builds on what you know about yourself

Partnership/ Relationship Reading

Discover your differences, where the spark and passion is, as well as where the challenges are.

This looks at where you can grow together, how you can work with the challenges and how you can inspire each other.

This is great if you are about to go into a business partnership or are already in an established work or romantic relationship.


Birthday Analysis Reading – your annual check-up

Each year there are new challenges, experiences and themes for the year.

Are you ready for what the year ahead is about to bring?

Major life changing years are 28 years, 40 years, 50 years (recommended 2 or 3 years either side of your actual birthday)

These birthdays are major milestones that bring specific challenges and sometimes dramatic changes.


Life’s Purpose

What is your authentic role and where will you make a contribution to the world we live in.

This discovers who you are, the life you are living, as well as what you see and experience in the world we live in.


Are you ready to delve a little deeper?




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