Discover Your Human Design in Order to Appreciate Your Uniqueness

I have been investigating Human Design for a few years now and the more I know, the more fascinatingly accurate it is.

I have previously used the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for personality profiling and loved the details and nuances generated from the reports.

But honestly, in my opinion, the Human Design System blows MBTI® out of the water. The system uses a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, Kabala, Hindu Chakra system, I Ching and Quantum Physics to generate a detailed blueprint or instruction manual for you, based on your birth data.

Basically it reveals who you are; the different ways we learn, grow, love, hate and relate – as well as the best strategy for great relationships, being healthy, wealthy, creative and living a fulfilling life.

It’s a discovery system that is about recognising your uniqueness, rather than trying to mould yourself around society’s expectations. I would be really interested to know if many Coaches are using Human Design and what successes you have had using this system?

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