August 2023 Newsletter

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Hello Lovely People

I hope you are well and enjoying your Human Design adventure

For some of you its been a while since your reading, so I’m wondering if it might be time to find the recording, listen to it again and make a list of those questions you want answering.

I would love to catch up with you for a free 20min check-in to see how you are and to answer any questions your may have. I invite you to send me an email or text message and schedule a catch-up call.

Deconditioning and clearing the ‘Not Self’

One of the challenging things about a human design reading is putting it into action.

Stopping the mind making your decisions and trusting your own authority.

Dealing with the ‘not self ‘ requires awareness and desensitising/ deconditioning.

Would you be interested in a personal session to decondition and clear the ‘not self’ triggers?

This incredible clearing technique works without disclosing or re-living traumatic experiences and releases you from repeated thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Session 90 -120 min

Cost $175

You are invited to start living your life without fear and stand proudly in your own power.

What’s Happening In the Year ahead?

Wow what a crazy few years we have had and its not over yet. With so many of the big hitting planets changing signs, conjunctions or other major aspects to each other, we are in for an exciting ride over the next year.

Solar flares, higher vibration ascension energies as well as the planetary movements are bring great changes, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. These changes are impacting us in different ways and triggering emotional clearing, be it this life, past lives or ancestral. The purpose is to push you into standing in your own power, to be sovereign and look inside for your own authority. No-one has lived your life and no one knows you like you.

Trust Yourself

Keeping our energy on a higher vibration and not getting caught up in fear and negativity is vital. There is too much fear porn from main stream media, when we live in fear we can be influenced and manipulated. Turn off the TV and listen to your inner guidance, do what you have always wanted to do, and stop waiting for a better time.

Pluto and Saturn bring big change and new beginnings

Pluto the planet of transformations has dipped its toe in Aquarius and then has gone retrograde until early next year. This will bring a focus on breaking down the old and bring in the new.

Lots of artificial intelligence (AI) which may be good or bad depending on who is controlling. The changes will bring in a focus on strengthening communities and collaboration, building a new grassroots-up society globally. Pluto is all about transformations, are you ready to let go of the old and bring in the new?

Its going to happen anyway, so my advice is to be in your own flow and go with it, that way the change will be so much easier.

Saturn has entered into Pisces and will be there until Feb 2026. Water is the theme, too much, not enough as well as acknowledging the structure of water and its healing powers. Our bodies are 60-70% water so this will impact our bodies and our emotions. Watch out for the emotional issues being brought to the forefront in order to be cleared .

It’s important to check the quality of the water you are drinking, tap water holds many toxins some are purposely put there and others are just part of the process, It might be time to invest in a good filter system, a small distiller or buy or collect your own spring water. However, an affirmation or blessing will also clean the water before you drink it.  Try this one:

 “I choose for the atoms of this water to let go of anything harmful, any toxins, properties, programs or frequencies and bring the atoms back to their original blueprint program of crystal clear spring water”  

It works on food too, especially when your tempted to eat something that is not that good for your body. It also works on the atoms in your body and helps with detox and pain. 

“I choose for the atoms in my body to let go of anything harmful, any toxins, properties, programs or frequencies and bring the atoms back to their original blueprint program of optimal health”

Check out Veda Austin, she has done amazing work taking the work of Dr Emoto even further, by demonstrating how water responds to our thinking, it can copy images and communicate with us  

It makes you rethink how you communicate with yourself and others.

Upcoming Event

Yes I have finally got my act together and I’m running some face to face workshops/ courses.

Live Life Through Human Design is a 2-day weekend workshop, delving deeper into your own chart.

We will look at how you communicate and interact with other energy Types as well as focussing on the nine centres and delving into the not-self.

Its great if you have already had an analysis reading however it’s not mandatory as some like to discover things themselves, it’s all part of this amazing journey.

It will be run in the Hills in Emerald Victoria, at a local community building. All materials will be provided and an exciting mind-blowing weekend is guaranteed.

Places are limited as I want this to be focused and interactive. The cost has been kept as low as possible, please contact me for a low-income discount.

Live Life Through Human Design – Workshop

Date: Saturday and Sunday – 26th and 27th August

Time: 10am to 4pm each day

Cost: $175

Place: Chestnut Gardens Community Building, Emerald Vic.

Beverages and snacks provided. Plenty of parking and kitchen facilities for BYO lunch or cafes/ bakery on Kilvington Drive close by.

Email ASAP and reserve your place.

Depending on demand, I hope to run another in early October. (I’ll keep you posted)

Solar Return Reading

Have you thought about a Solar Return Reading?

This is your annual growth cycle and shows what areas are you being pushed to grow in and what changes are taking place for you this year and where you are vulnerable.

The solar return starts building 3 months before your birthday, so an early birthday present is recommended.

Cost $100

Note: This builds on the information you already know from your Foundation Analysis Reading

Until next time we catch up – sending love and light,


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