Unhappy Young Women

I’ve just read this really interesting article written by Scott Pape ‘The Barefoot Investor’.

In this article, Scott talks about the unhappiness that many feel with their lives and finances. A lot of us are well educated and know about the dangers of retail therapy, credit card debt and yet, still struggle to stop spending.

It’s similar to some of our friends that continue to smoke – they are fully aware of the dangers and refuse to talk about the subject of stopping smoking.

So what’s going on?

In many cases, it’s clearly not for lack of education. What it really boils down to is, our thoughts and our beliefs, such as a lack of self-worth, not feeling entitled to wealth or happiness, or that life has to be hard.

Many of these beliefs can be deeply buried, however they still play out in our lives, tripping us up, throwing obstacles in our way, just when we start to get ahead in life.

So as you read this great article from Scott, I invite you to have a think about what sort of beliefs are holding you back from a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy life?

Why Young Women Are Miserable

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